A Sunday Blessing

Sunday guilt has plagued me for years, do you have the same feeling? I grew up in a very strict "religious" home, where we said grace before each meal and no matter who was at our home when it was time for the "little kids" to go to bed, we all excused ourselves and got on our knees and prayed our nightly prayers. Sometimes the guests were even asked to join us. When I was in my mid teens it was quite embarrassing, but mandatory none the less.

Sunday was always a dress up day, which included church and a big dinner and visiting relatives. Stores were not open, stories were shared and a ride around town and an ice cream were sometimes a treat in the late afternoon! Sunday was not just the last day of the weekend back then, Sunday was special!

Those days are far behind me, and now I rarely go to a traditional church, never have a shared Sunday dinner, and the stories my relatives told are faint memories, but I find myself far more spiritual today then I ever was then. Today Sunday's remind me to......

...Slow Down

...Remember the Lord
...Feed My Soul

... and Exude Grace
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Patti J said...

I think you are reading our minds out here! Lovin' this new blog - thanks so much for sharing this part of you. Our family is SO small, and so spread out - we don't have family dinners except at holiday time. With this economy, DH has been forced to work 7 days per week the past several years, so no traditional church for us either. EVERYTHING is open on Sunday, and very few stories are ever shared.... Like I said, you are reading my mind!

Shelia said...

Yes reading our minds. I was from a very traditional home life also. I find myself closer to God in my Garden. There are no distractions, and I can sing the old hymns to myself, and no one cares if I am off key.

inkedx2 said...

Beautiful thoughts and a gentle reminder to feed your soul!