The Mud Room

House needs A iring.
Bathroom needs B leaching.
Litter Box needs C hanging.
Clothes need D rying.
the list is E NDLESS.

Yet I find myself this morning over whelmed with what to do. The A,B,C's of life are sometimes just too difficult to maneuver.
In the back of my mind I think my life is ready for a change. For those who know me that means "move"! Like move out of this house and into another. I have "moved" at least 7 times with short intervals in between but, this house has been comfortable for over 10 years. It has a life, a life I felt as soon as I moved in. I was in love with it and still am, but I am not happy with how all the "stuff" has accumulated.
I now know why I have moved so many times in the past, it was so I woudn't have all this "stuff" pile up and take root! Oh my goodness....where to begin!
Life changes ........

Don't you feel sometimes you just need to air out your being? Empty the closets? Clean the clutter? Release the junk! Move on? is a good day for that. I'll think of rearranging the house another day... because today needs my attention to the little details and the A, B, C's of "me".
A ttitude sweetened (do something nice for someone)
B ody condensed (work on my diet)
C reativity milk ed (enjoy some playtime)
Daydream (make promises for the future)
E nergy exhilerated.... ahhhhhh..........all is well and in order and happiness where is that mop!
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1 comment:

Creative Monkey Designs said...

I feel the call to move on as well, have been for a while now but the universe seems to have other plans that keep me where I am a bit longer. I too am a mover as I once moved 11 times in 10 years. I have been here the longest of all, 24 years!! Oh my goodness have I really stayed here 24 years? Guess so.
Plymouth is calling to me. I try to make it be Hull that is calling but it seems to be Plymouth. Maybe we will both end up there? Life will unfold and be as amazing as usual, as it does it's unfolding.

I enjoy your new blog and feel you will publish a book in the near future.