The Computer.....and

This umbilical cord sits prominently on my desk. It is the lifeline to my existence. At least it feels that way.

It makes you think....doesn't it?

Is is scary? Is it unreal? Are you lost when, for one second you think it has crashed? Do you panic if you can't get to it?

It doesn't matter what size it is, or what name is on the metal edging. It is STILL the umbilical cord to our communication, whether it is a computer, laptop, notebook, iPhone, or whatever the genre it has become our life!
The particular model that sits on my desk seen here in the photograph, has all my friends, money, contacts, bills, important data, and LIFE in it! Palpitations are beginning to ebb and flow as I think of JUST WHAT I KEEP in that little do~hickie. My goodness, I'd be lost without it.

I wouldn't know one email address, because they aren't in my memory bank where they used to be kept, never to be hacked!
I wouldn't know one phone number, well maybe a few, but what about all the newbie ones I have...and....
What about all my special notes from awesome hearts that have, for a moment in time connected with mine?
The one's I have a special folder for, to hold them in that special place, in case I NEED them?
You know the folder aka Favorite Place, the one named special!!!!
Where would I go to get those back if they were forever gone from this scary place?

....AND how would I ever have cjane's comment?

YIKES!!!!! That is a scary scenario! I would need a ream of paper to print all those special notes and comments out.... but ......

then I think they would no longer BE special if they were actually printed out.
After all, I could have just typed those words myself, who would know if they were real or not.
It isn't the same as a handwritten note! It's just ink on printing paper.
At least as a comment on a blog they have feeling, and a font, and the exclamation of the author.

After you print out those words they just become disconnected words.... flat.... no life....empty.

Thus the dilemma....... do we remain at the mercy of the machine, and pray it is always there to hold our treasured messages, or do we go back to the pen written, heartfelt prose that we can hold in our hands, to touch and feel, or can we just throw it all up to chance and relish the moments that we have when all of our UMBILICAL CORDS CONNECT, even if it is just for a moment in time. Will the experience be BIG enough for us to hold on to, to hold on to in our mortal memories, to hold on to and keep in our hearts forever? Will it be big enough to be special? .....
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Shelia said...

How can you put into words my thoughts? Are you really a physic *wink* I need to go through and delete a lot of things, but what if I need it later, like you said a dilemma