Hi everyone, thank you again for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying my stories. I know I enjoy sharing them with you. Today I am participating in a Blog Carnival hosted by Elizabeth at Thoughts from and Evil Overlord....I had to pick a blog that interested me on her New England Bloggers list so I chose this one and would like to invite you to visit this fabulous blog called
Cape Cod Rambling Rose, if you LOVE Cape Cod or just love the idea of New England at the seashore.
I am so impressed by this blogger for her strolls down memory lane, her fabulous photography of New England and her lovely gifts in her Etsy shop. Please take a minute to visit her and tell her you are stopping by because of "ME"! Here is a list of some lovely New England Bloggers for you to visit, whether you are a young mom, antique fancier, dreamer, photogrpher or if you have a passion for please stop in to see all the goodies at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord. Have a nice Father's Day!
p.s. that is my grandson on the far right, these children all have special needs! They sure are enjoying their summer aren't they?.... I just love that little guy, he is "BIG" brother to the little curly blonde form yesterday's post!
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Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you joined in on our party! I love CCRR, her Etsy shop is AMAZING!