The Lawn

I never really looked at a mushroom up close in the face before, because for me they represented a pristine manicured lawn gone bad. Today I awoke to that lawn.

The longer I observed the unkempt appearance of the lawn, the more intrigued I became! Our landscape had taken on a magical, whimsical "not to be overlooked" kind of appeal.

In fact, I believe the fairies were convening their convention at that very moment!

....... right before my very eyes, like a field of white flowers, lay MUSHROOMS! I don't mean just a few singletary mushrooms, but lots of mushrooms!
THERE jockeying for a spot on the emerald green carpet, lie your everyday mushrooms, ........the ones that are sort of like me. The kind that almost disappear and fade into the background in a crowd, but the same kind that will make a statement when aligned with others of "like" interests.
Then there were those more brilliant mushrooms, like the soldiers above. They were like gladiators. Strong, substantial and secure in there postitions. Forged with armor, shoulder to shoulder with their counterparts. Ready to defend their right to be in the lawn.
Finally, there were these. For me they were the ones that had caught my curiousity and wonder. They were the delicate ,whisper fragile, fairy caps. Some still like unopened parasols and others displaying glorious canopies. Cloud white and soft as dew, they stood quietly. I find myself in a fantasy with the idea of such beautiful little specimens. I take notice, and while I take their picture, they begin to whilt and whither away in a moment, just as the brightness of the day begins to immerge.
So, I quickly try to capture them in this glorious spectacle that is all their own early on this morning........
but tomorrow is gardening day!
THEY will become my nemesis!
The battle to destroy will begin........
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Hoping the Blind Will See said...

lol, ah the 'normalcy" of yardwork...

Anonymous said...


I love the way you write.


Patti J said...

How funny...we have never EVER had mushrooms in our yard before, and we even have one in the middle of a tomato plant! Love your post today! I will now think of my mushrooms as soldiers and fairies!

Lizzie said...

What a whimsical post, I enjoyed it immensely. I have always been taught that the mushroom circles were made by fairies.