The Ocean's Draw

It is lucky for me that I am the oldest and get to sit at the window..... seatbelts were not invented yet so we all squeezed into the station wagon.

After check and re check of picnic baskets, and suitcases, the doors slammed shut and we off.

The sun beat down on my knees but the rushing air felt good on my face, and I was already dreaming of the week ahead. This was summer, and we were going to BREWSTER!

As we pulled off the main road to the dirt pathway we winded in and out between weather worn cottages and finally the crunch of seashells beneath the tires heralded that we were "THERE".
Doors swung open and children scattered and Grandma Porter unlocked the dark green door just in time for all of us to run beneath her into the warmth of that room. I am not talking about temperature warmth but life warmth. It smelled of memories and glowed in soft amber and gold with light dancing all around the walls from the glistening ocean just outside the sun porch.
The door to the sun porch was locked and we would have to wait a bit longer, but I could not! For I knew outside the door lay a beautiful, beautiful sun porch. Where panes and panes of glass sparkled clear and white wicker chairs waited with soft chintz pillows but the best part was what was the surprise there for us "girls". We were all squealing with anxious flutters for the door to be unlocked, and then all of a sudden it swung open and I smelled it! The scent of fresh paint. I knew it was going to be the best ever and it was...
there in each corner lie our favorite doll's beds. One for each of us! Freshly painted in brand new colors, with brand new lamb decals on the head board and brand new baby doll sheets and blankets. I carefully took my baby and lay her down...all was good and summer was in full glory.

Each year we would spend my mother's August birthday in a cottage, high on a bluff over looking the ocean in Brewster, MA. There would be no TV and no telephone, there would be no hot water for baths except on Saturday night when Theron would come to light the stove. Grandma Porter would carry a bucket of hot water from the well on the stove and put it into the tub for all of us to bathe. All the other days we needed to use the outside shower and the cold water made my skin hurt.

There was a lace cloth on the table that gleamed in the bright sunlight each morning where we would all gather to discuss the fun for the day. The english muffins always tasted the best and the juice was squeezed right at the table from oranges we had brought in our baskets. I could see the flats outside the window and couldn't wait for all of us to "get ready" because that meant we were off to explore and find treasures on the flats. It was fun to watch the squirts from clams as you walked along the ridges, and we were always watching for jelly fish, to this day I don't know if they are bad or not, but they still make me leery.

It amazes me that today, 50 years later I can still recall the details and colors of that time long ago. Memories that are significant in our lives hold those colors in our hearts and they do not fade like the weather worn cottages. I hope I can create special memories for my's that will be colorful enough for them to hold in their hearts for a lifetime.....enjoy your summer day today! Look at the colors of the sun........

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Anonymous said...

I remember the smell of the ocean and walking on the flats, trying to make the clams squirt, but not a lot more.
I do remember liking being there and it was like an adventure. I think we shopped at a country store because I remember using an alphabet toy where the letters slid across the board.

Thanks for the memories.


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

I just came home from those very flats!!! It was HOT out there today... lowtide... lots of hermit crabs... clear blue skies... watermelon... sandcastles... now we're taking in a Cape Baseball League game tonight. ;)

Shelia said...

This is the most gorgeous picture. you need to enlarge it and frame it. It sums up everything you told in your journal today. She has memories and you are a big part of them. Mine with my fraternal grandmother was picking wild strawberries. She died when I was 12, but I still have those memories. Strawberries and home made whipped cream fresh from their cow.

Treasure Queen said...

Wow... glad I found this blog... I love this story... wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
Jenny in Australia

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Each story that I read, is as warm and welcoming as the last. I love these stories. I love the images inspire with your elequently discriptive words. Superb! And thanks for sharing...