The Pantry Cupboard

this 1920's house has LOTS of storage...a place for everything...and everything in it's place.

I am the oldest was my 12th birthday, the aroma of scrambled hamburg and onions frying in the Cast Iron Skillet filled the small 10 x 10 kitchen where all seven of us had assembled to eat supper. We all knew "OUR" seat and had to be seated and remain still, so mom could maneuver around the stove and place the bowls on the table. We were hungry and couldn't wait until we finished grace to pass the bowls..... "pass to the left" dad would always say!

I can see the bowl, as it passed from one hand to the next it started to tip...hands all in a flurry.....and then and onions all over the floor. Our faces were pictures of terror and then one by one we all began to laugh....... and it became a memory!

Funny the memories....... big or small....... that you hold in your heart in perfect technicolor....I went looking for that cast iron fry pan that my mother used to scramble hamburg in today, to use as a photograph for this post, .......... I cannot find it.

June 12th is my sister's birthday and although she may not have the memory of the spilled hamburg in her heart I hope she will keep the memory of a Happy Birthday tribute to her written on the internet.

She is two years younger than I, so she is my little sister.....not my baby sister, which I do have, but my buddy sister...because we were always together, playing like friends. That was then.....
and today, life goes on like a whirlwind each part of the family breaking off to create another. Lived in parallels intersecting from time to time, but busy, busy with life.
Well, it has been a long time since I made a big deal about my sister's birthday, so today I will. Even though she is a beloved principal in an elementary school, she is still my little HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE! I wish you ...laughter....!
OH.....and which one of you little kids have MY Cast Iron Skillet?!!!!!
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Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Happy Birthday to your little sis! (I only have one brother who I love dearly, yet I ALWAYS wished I'd had a sister! lol)

Thank you for your sweet, sweet comment on my article! ;)

Happy Weekend!

Shelia said...

I guess I made memories for my sons. Every time you opened a cabinet a plastic bowl would fall on their heads. I always said after they were grown and I had more time, I would do better. well they are all grown, and moved out, and it seems like I have less time. I loved this little bit of your life today. It always make me reflect back on good things when I read your writings.