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Well, I haven't been writing "the backyard door" for very long, but I have come to see that life has seasons. Not only the ones that the weather heralds in, but the kind of seasons that life heralds in!
I have had an adventure this month writing this blog, and I have stumbled upon some great blogs written by some very talented people. One sense keeps coming to mind while I visit, and it is the idea of interludes. They are found in the beautiful photographs I have seen, the beautiful homes and gardens that I admire, and in the beautiful words I have read, telling the stories of the seasons in one's life.
Some of the finds have brought me to realize that I have actually led a charmed life..... now it maybe not be the Social Climbing of Newport, or in the Political Circle of Washington, nor even the glitzy Celebrity of Hollywood, (like my son is about to embark) but certainly in the Delisciousness of being Donna.
My seasons have been blessed with all the humble bounties of wifery and motherhood and the milestones of life, but it does not end there, I have also tasted dessert!
Once, I watched Wynona Ryder, Christina Ricci, and Cher as they were filming Mermaids in the backyard of one of the houses I lived in! Then, hubby and I were on the local tv evening news journal show Chronicle, telling our story of what it was like to downsize, only to own two homes the following year teeheeeheeee! Of course, there was the time that I am most proud of, and that was when This Old House Magazine picked up our home to do an article on my 1920's kitchen renovation. Those are the fun seasons!
Of course there were the difficult seasons too, when being a mom and wife and grandmother means watching and feeling the pain of the one's you love. I reflect on those seasons as well and I know that without the winters freeze I will not have springs glory. I feel that my most beautiful seasons are those when my life is the hardest, for the best lessons are learned there, and the desserts are the sweetest!
As time passes we may forget the desserts we have had over the years especially, when today's lunch seems much the same as yesterday's. So perhaps you need to grasp the day and have a strawberry shortcake, savoring the taste that you know will only be here for a short season, and as you taste that splendor you can reflect on those special seasons when you tasted life's sweet desserts, even when lunch was peanutbutter and jelly!
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