The Perennial Garden

Once in a while something makes you stop short when it sparks a sense of wonderment filled with pure joy. Just like a whisper as loud as a crack you are jolted into feeling something awesome.
You'll recognize that feeling because it is so comfortable, you'll know it's familiarity, you'll know it because, it happens only once in a while and becomes significant.......

The pleasure is fascinating, making it almost too difficult to put into words...

My "black garden" is like that. It is on the opposite side of my house so I have to remember to stop and look at it. It is not something that I just pass everyday. I have to consciously go around the house to see it. It is filled with wonderful colors of deep maroons and black and midnight green with just a sprinkle of delicate pink and white.
It is AWESOME for sure! But, it lasts for only a fleeting moment in time and then sleeps..... it is because it is gone so quickly and it is because the flowers fade lickity split, that I pause and stop short, to take in all it's wonder each spring.

It is a perennial garden after all .....always there but sometimes hidden.

So often the moments in life are like that perennial garden, gone so quickly and sometimes never seen. An extraordinary event should not be the only reason

to stop and appreciate each day.
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Shelia said...

Oh my gosh, that iris is beautiful. It is breath taking in color. I love perennials, but as you said, they fade. But it does make us appreciate it even more, knowing that it will soon be gone. You are right, we should live our life in such a way that if something leaves us we will have such wonderful memories of it.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

This gives new meaning to the old phrase, "take time to smell the roses"... in your case, to admire your gorgeous iris! That color is amazing! I think we can always use a gentle reminder to take stock of what we have each and every moment, to enjoy it.