Ringlets like lassos wrapped around our necks and tangled in our fingers whilst we tried to free ourselves from the sweaty twines.
The soft cotton quilt bore comfort from the spiny golden blades of grass that made our knees embossed and itchy.
Time lingered as we tried to decipher animals in the puffy white clouds, and chewed on sour grass even when we were told not to.......
July meant hot and lazy.
You knew it was hot ...........when the sound of the heat bugs hummed for hours all through the day.
Dust blew hot in our faces if we tried to play any kind of game off the quilt, so we chose to have marathon monopoly games instead!

Once in a while we would turn the sprinklers on, but most often it was just a bucket of water, that we could soak our feet in, in order to cool off.

Supper was cold salads and maybe corn on the cob, my sister and I had dish washing chores, and the steam of the water would drip off our faces until they were finished, just in time for us to hear the bell of the ice cream truck on the next street over!
Nighttime brought no relief inside either so, we would spend the evening outside until the fireflies came out, or the mosquitoes drove us back in....
Then, I would lie on my bed and hope for a breeze from the open windows, and my eyelids would finally close until morning.

Today, I don't hear the heat bugs, or feel the soft cotton quilt on my back.....I barely run out to do an errand, and summer passes me by with the sound of a forecast on the television, and the constant whir of an air conditioning unit............... S T O P ! ! !

I took a ride to the waters edge this lunch time. I felt the HOT breeze on my face as my hair rustled against my neck, while I sat under the canopy of a midnight blue umbrella. Calypso music enveloped those breezes, and I enjoyed half of a turkey sandwich on wheat with my sister. I was living the day...a summers day of heat and sunshine. It felt good, and my toes were happy. A thought came to mind as I sat there talking, one that reminded me that this was nice.
I was taking the time to feel the season, instead of just living through the season.
I think our modern amenities have taken the joy of living out of living. Sure it may seem more comfortable but, is it really? If you think about it for a second you realize how artificial it has all become.
Life is quicker, and because of the automobile the scenery rushes by in a blur at 60 MPH .... and you don't hear the rhythmic calomp calomp of iron shoes to cobbled stones anymore.
The temperature never fluctuates in an air conditioned building, there are no opened windows to let in gentle sweet smelling breezes.
The scent of lilies, and rain can't permeate the stagnant air of a dehumidifier! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........

Take a second or .......maybe you can take an hour or so this summer to LIVE the season, as uncomfortable as it may be, living it will make you feel alive!
Then ponder this.....what kind of memories do you think we will conjured up reminiscing about our air conditioners! :)
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Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Another nice post!

Lisa said...

I love your posts....I am enjoying the chance to live the season....thanks for the reminder and another awesome post!

Shelia said...

Wonderful post. I had to go to a cousins receiving this week. There I saw so many other cousins and friends that I spent summer days with as a child. How would we survive without memories. Yes Donna, we can survive without the AC, but could not survive with out memories.

Treasure Queen said...

Oh that was beautiful... such a great read - thank you! I felt the season today Donna! It's winter here and it was SO COLD getting up early to start my day ... brrrr. But by lunch time it was sunny and I was sitting in the car with my DD21 eating Big Macs in the winter sunshine watching the ocean and throwing fries to the seagulls.

Vicki said...

I've started driving to and from work with my windows down and the sunroof open instead of having the air conditioner on. Sure, it's hot - the temp gauge registered 100 degrees last week. But the hot wind blowing through my hair reminds me of taking vacations with my parents when I was very young and riding in the car with all the windows rolled down and the radio playing.

I love reading this new blog of yours!