The Mundane things in Life are Precious Gifts

I think sometimes God does the greatest things for us that we don't know about until years down the road.

I sat on the toilet, and my little 4 year old legs were unable to touch the floor but I watched as my mother took the hose and laid it in the sink. Water drained out of the round white tub and then she began the best part of the process! One towel, or diaper as was most often the case, was pulled from the tub and methodically trapped between two rollers. As the water squeezed out from one side of the rollers, the fabric came out squished, and wrinkled, and as flat as could be, from the other side. She would then take the corners of the fabric in her hands and with a quick as a flash movement, snap that fabric open to almost dry!

A giggle would rise from my toes and the process began all over again and again!

Do you ever wonder why those moments are imbedded in your mind for a lifetime? I think it is for when we are old, and all the people that we have loved have gone, and we are now alone to begin the process again to share the memories for the next generation.

Today, I bought a fresh can of paint so I could white wash the rock walls of my basement. Now, how many people do you know that actually paint the rocks in their 1920's home? I don't mean just to just throw a little paint on them, but to make them shine like bleached linen! It seemed to me that every September my grandmother would call my mother on the phone and say, "well your father is going to paint the basement floor today!" Now, at that time we lived in a house with a coal furnace, and you wouldn't even begin to think about painting the basement with a sooty coal furnace! That was a long time ago and today as I opened that fresh can of paint and began to stir, the memory of my grandfather, a man of few words mind you flooded in. It was comforting to know that he is not forgotten in my mind. For each time I paint my basement it will be impossible for me not to remember him. It is like that in the same way, when I pull my laundry from my washing machine and shake the wet clothes with a flap of air into the dryer, each and every time I think of my mom! I hope I am making mundane memories for my children and grandchildren!

Happy memories~
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Dave said...

I absolutely love the memories you share. Some I share as well, but most are yours alone, and they are beautiful! And your words make me feel like I am looking through a window at some magical time. And perhaps I am...

Shelia said...

Dave put it best. Thank you Donna for taking me back to a magical time of my life. There was no sadness, no pain, but maybe there was and I just have chose to only remember the happy things.

SherryBee said...

Holy cow!
This post really hit the nail on the head for me... Something I can't exactly put into words, but, somehow, it seems to make sense out of 'life'....
LOVE YOUR BLOG! I found you from your card blog.
I'll visit again.
Thank you for sharing your heart.