Simpler Days

Colin always says as I am leaving this room "privacy please" and I smile and close the door behind me, for him to be alone.
Today I was listening to the song You'll Never Know....if you get a chance to play it
I hope it will set the mood for this post. I daydreamed of simpler times as I danced around my 1920's kitchen do you remember vertical hold! I miss those times and then I realized just how blessed I am to be taking care of my grandchildren this week. I can lollygag without guilt and take in some great simple moments. I watched my little grandaughter run around the yard for a half hour in the cutest mint green sundress and soft loose braid of golden hair. She squeeled each time she reached the fence with her ball and I sat back and took in the breeze so not to forget the moment. I have heard that if more than one of your senses catches the moment it will last forever!
So, I decided to take a picture of a room that rarely gets a picture because I wanted to catch the sweetest smelling breeze that just happened to be coming through that particular window! No screens so the dragonflies can come in and out!
I hope you'll catch a breeze today that will tickle you memories and then put on a smile will ya!
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