ARGH!!!!! Do you think it means anything?

I absolutely get a chuckle out of life sometimes. Can you recall those moments in life when you are ALONE and something happens, and all of a sudden you find yourself laughing out loud? You are almost jolted into the moment by looking around to see if anyone...

Excuse me? ANYONE??? Remember you are alone silly . There is no anyone. But you still look anyway to see if anyone else saw you laugh out loud when nothing around you was funny?

Or how about when you are completely immersed in what ever it is you are doing and then out of the blue you stop and randomly look out the window and see something really odd, that if you hadn't stopped at that very moment it would have been DONE AND GONE? You would have missed it.

And how about because you DID look out the window earlier in the day and you took NOTE of it, that something later in the day happened to remind you of what happened earlier and you begin to laugh out loud or at least make the noise humph!!!!!!!

Well, that is what happened to me.

I have been very busy these past few weeks prepping for a class I was having yesterday in my home. So all the rooms EXCEPT MY OFFICE were clean. Remember the picture posted here months ago of my messy office? Well, it returned LOL. Anyway, my class is over and I have to do BILLS so I came into my office but realized I could not find them with all the clutter. So, I began the task of cleaning things up. Now, I have come to my office 100 times in the past few weeks and my head and eyes have been on the tasks at hand. Just like today. Except today I just happened to look out the window and saw three of the blackest, biggest CROWS or maybe even RAVENS in the branches of my pear tree. They were huge and magestic and a bit intimidating too! I have never seen them that close, nor have I seen them in this particular neighborhood! So, I went to take a picture, but by the time I got my camera they were gone. I then put a leftover cupcake from my weekend class, out on the patio hoping to lure them back. No success. Reluctently, I went back to cleaning my office.

Later in the day I picked up a bag that had been on my desk for four weeks unopened. It contained some fun things from a decorating store that was closing in the area, but I had left it there unopend until today. As I opened the bag and looked in, I rememebered I had bought the shades inside for a couple of light fixtures, but I had forgotten about a table mat I had gotten for the fall. I opened it up and low and behold...I laughed out loud!!!!!!

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Creative Monkey Designs said...

Love your story. The message is to use Crow medicine. To look at the situation (whatever is going on for you right now) with both eyes but one at a time. One eye is human sight the other is spiritual sight. Human sight is what the situation appears to be right now and Spiritual sight is the big picture, the answer is it's not time to know. So what is perplexing you? What are you wishing was different? Crow is reminding you there is always more than what you see in front of you.......there is the big picture and only Spirit knows that........for now........ because someday you will know too.........when it's time, all in Divine timing.

Shelia said...

Isn't it wonderful when things like that happens. It perplexes me, but also so nice. Beautiful story.