2:00 a.m.
It is way past my bedtime but I am wide awake after only being asleep for 35 minutes....

6:20 p.m.
The evening began with a knock on the door, it was Amy from across the street. She was a bit early but I welcomed her company. "Come sit in the living room and we can chat while we wait for the others to arrive"

The conversation was all over the place and began with her telling me of a funeral she attended earlier in the day of a very good friend of hers, and then switched to why I brought my adopted kitty back to the shelter and how her basement was a bit musty and needed airing out. She said it was due to her brand new boiler being so efficient that the heat no longer leaked from it to keep the basement warm! How funny, but then I thought to myself , how much energy am I losing each winter to an old heating system. When we moved here 10 years ago we replaced everything from the roof to the water heater. I have never lived in a house for more than 7 years so when Amy told me of how her water heater let go one time it horrified me. "I think I should think about looking into the condition of my water is over 10 years old you know." I thought of the misery that would await us when we go to Florida in the winter if it let go in our absence and decided that a water heater check would be on the list of things to do this fall.

Lori and Tara and Josephine soon began to arrive and we all went down stairs for class. At 9:00 p.m the girls were gone and I was left to clean up my stamp room for another class on Tuesday. Suddenly I heard step upstairs and was on alert, for maybe Amy had returned, but then I heard the familiar sound of Steve's voice. He was home early. We sat for a bit in the basement stamp room while I ate a quick chicken salad plate and Steve told me of his bad beats in poker. Then we looked at the clock and said with satisfaction, hmmmmmm it is going to be a nice early night to bed. I put a load of laundry in while Steve locked the doors and we were in bed by 10:30! "Early news tonight hon? and then lights out?" I said "sounds good" he reaffirmed.

I am a fast sleeper so before I knew it I was awakened with a voice form the hall..."Donna, do you have water running?" The wash cycle should have been finished by now I thought. "I don't think so"...then the sound of Steve's feet down the stairway and I heard the door to the laundry shute open. A few seconds and footsteps on the basement steps......"DONNA!!!!!! COME HERE!!!!!!!" in my half sleepy state I thought oh no, I should not have put those jeans in the washing machine without a full load of clothes. You know sometimes there are too many suds...well that was what I was envisioning........and I knew he couldn't be happy, so I sprang down the stairs to hear water GUSHING!

12:30 a.m.
Did you know that when water heaters let go they make a mess and a lot of water! Did you know they only last on average about 10 years?

2:00 a.m.
The good news ..... my floor is washed clean
The bad news we did not have a mop, or a wet vac so we cleaned up about 10 gallons of water on our hands and knees.

The good news...we weren't away on vacation

The good news ....Steve heard it before morning!

The irony....... I think Amy is psychic! ~Enjoy your weekend!

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Dave said...

Wow, how "strange" is that?

Shelia said...

Yes physic, next time listen very closely to all things tha she says. I am sorry for all the mess, but love how you turned something bad into something good. If we could only do all things like that.

Treasure Queen said...

Yep she definitely felt the vibes ... ah intuition don't you love it!!!