The Letter

The amber glow of lights in rectangular shapes exposed dark silhouettes behind the curtains. Many, many more dusky images than the usual night would show from those window panes. Laughter welled up from inside the house in bursts like intermittent fireworks, with each crescendo there would be heightened anticipation for the next. Outside young children revelled in the excitement of being left alone to play. The adults were too busy in their own joy to remember that it was late. The moths gathered overhead around the street lights and mosquitoes played bob and weave with little swatting hands.
It was the summer solstice and our cousins were here from Delaware!
Each year my four brothers and sisters would anticipate the arrival of our four cousins from Delaware. We only saw them once maybe twice a year and it was exciting because they brought wonder and excitement with intriguing stories of their travel adventures and demonstrations of what they learned during that time. I FELT like I was always standing in the background watching a play unfold, it was wonderful. Their grace and poise far surpassed mine and I tried to learn what they had to offer. Their mom and dad were college educated and my cousins did everything just right. I remember one year they showed what they had learned in gymnastics, and I felt so envious that all I could do was a somersault! As the years went on the visits were fewer because of school and busy lives. I looked forward to any news of how my cousins were and what they were doing. We all grew up and made our way through life and they all became very successful.
As life continued down it's path we reconnected. Adults now, the reconnection was sweet and soft. It felt good! Life got busy again and emails became fewer, but today I got to email back and forth with Sheldon for a little bit. He sent me the most lovely note, but one I found difficult to comprehend. He shared the other side of the cousin story, the one from his eyes. Funny how we perceive life, our stories didn't match!
You see, there are different perspectives to all moments. I saw cousins who were beautiful and exciting, who brought wonderful memorable times to us, and Sheldon writes ..."I remember when growing up that my mother, whenever she mentioned you, always referred to you as beautiful....from my perspective as your younger cousin...I would look forward to visits to see my cousins. Wonderful, happy, exciting times."
It is amazing that we never saw each others perspective!
I find it interesting that in our own minds we are always doubting who we are. Even after 57 years I can not think that anyone would have described me as beautiful. Yet my cousin says it is so. Who would have thought! Not me.
In the last paragraphs of our email Sheldon mentioned how difficult it is to imagine that children of today may not have the same kind of memories that we had growing up partly because of the influx of electronics. I have written those same sentiments here in this blog. Although I agree, I have come to realize something more important. I believe we are able to do now, what our parents and relatives were not able to do in the generation past. How wonderful is it that the children growing up today are here during a time where we as adults know the importance of taking the time to tell each one of them how beautiful and how important they are.
I hope that you will take a moment today, to tell one of God's little treasures just how beautiful they are I believe it will shape the person they are inside!
*Sheldon is an attorney I have his permission to publish his email to me (wink)!
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