My Neighborhood

you have to click on this picture to feel my neighborhood!!!!!!!

April Fools day, that is how I remember the date. That evening in 1961 we were finally walking through the door to our "new" home. I was seven. We had baked macaroni and cheese for supper. There were moving boxes everywhere. The floors were shiny. The walls were new white plaster. The girls had their own room. There was a front and a back door!

I was in a new home in a new neighborhood. It would be the neighborhood of my childhood filled with great times and fun....BUT the neighborhood that tugs most on my heart is the one that I had just left. Through my life of fifty years it is the neighborhood of my infancy, toddlerhood and baby childhood that evokes the tender tugs on my heart. Is it a coincidence that my heart tugs now in the neighborhood I live? I wonder.

This picture is "My NEIGHBORHOOD" now. I am protective of it, I love it, I cherish the time in it, I dream in it, I relish it.

I know it will not be forever but I also know without a doubt it will be the one I think of when days are done.

I chose this neighborhood in a place that is not "the" place to live. In a place where people look down their noses, even if subtle and always have quizzical looks when I say where I live. I chose this place because it had a tug on my heart the first moment I looked at the for sale sign. This place is HOME.

Living in over 10 houses gives me perspective that lots of people do not have who have only lived in 2 or three homes. I get to look back and see the BIG DEAL houses and those who just make you feel like you are home. Sometimes, it is the place that no one else would want to be! I think it is much like life. Your shoes are filled with you and no one else can walk in them. They may look drab, or worn or they may look chic and sophisticated but they probably feel great! They feel that way because they are part of who you are.

I am proud to be living in my neighborhood. Yes it is in a city that is known for violence and other city things, but it is so HOME to me. As I wonder why I am drawn here, I realize that my soul and point of reference comes from the first neighbor hood I lived in. It had a tree lined street exactly like this, with beautiful homes, Arts and Crafts vintage, and lawns with straight walkways like an outstretched hand to the street, that welcomed everyone to visit not just those people who drove into your driveway.

Have you got a place you can call home...the real place where your soul is happy and content and fits? A place where you are not wrapped up in what other people think. Oh I hope you do, because your soul will be happy when you are home, no matter what kind of box or shoe it is!


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Creative Monkey Designs said...

I do love your street and your home. I would live in your house in a second!! Can I move in, there are too many people and animals in my house. LOL Seriously, you have great house radar!!

Shelia said...

What a beautiful neighborhood. My "home" is where I raised my sons. That is where the best memories are, and it was in a development with lots of kids, that would always end up at my house. I wished I could go back there, if only in my dreams.