Pet Peaves Are Pay Back

I knew it wasn't the right thing to do but Donna Costa and the other big girl were going to walk to the next bus stop to wait for the bus so I went. My stomach hurt with guilt but I was unprepared to make a decision for myself. In my mind a tape played sort of like this.....I had walked to Hansen's Store before on my own to get cigarettes for my mother and this was the next house over from there so I guess it would be okay to go. The thing I didn't count on was crossing the main road on a corner.
As we prepared to cross we looked both ways I was last. I hesitated looking both ways seeing a car coming up the road but I had never had to guage how fast and how much time I had to cross. So stepping out on my own I froze. I ducked my head and closed my eyes and then looked up into the face of the driver in the car. He was smiling and waved me on to cross. I ran as fast as I could , heart pounding how could I have been so stupid.
A new lesson learned, responsibility and wisdom earned! I never did it again!
These pearls are things that grow you up! Things that are scary and new but that last a lifetime in the bucket of experience. I am happy I grew up scared and a little leary, because I think it made me a more responsible adult. I do not take for granted the feelings of another human being sharing the plane of geometry I am on. I do not impose myself upon them, and always try to see their point first. However, I am amazed at how so many younger people than I are not conditioned in that way.

Today, I was the driver of the car on the main road. I was driving along, when all of a sudden a pedestrian was in front of me with six other pedestrians right along side them. They did not look up into my face. They did not stop short, they did not run fast. Instead they sauntered, texted, postured and walked relaxed, as they slowly moved in a diagonal direction across four lanes of traffic. How life has changed.......I guess they figure....oh never mind...I learned also that if I can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Paybacks are not always sweet!
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