Rainy Day Blessings

Rainy days always evoke awesome moods in me. Some are comforting, like being able to stay in bed extra long on a rainy Saturday, some are melancholy allowing thoughts of people who are no longer with us, and some are worrisome, like when you cannot find your raincoat because the season has just changed. Today is one of those rainy days when I remember the feelings rainy days placed in my memories long ago. One of those memories was of the soft light in my school room in first grade. It was a gentle light, unlike the harshness of flourescent lights that are in schools today. It conjured up hominess and safety. The shades on the windows were drawn half way and the hardwood floors still smelled of shellac from being freshly done over the summer. I would day dream often then, and I realize now that would be my personality forever. Daydreaming is such good therapy for me. I love to create in my daydreams and I love to reminice about things of my childhood. My heart hasn't changed over the years. I bet yours hasn't either if you think about it.
On a rainy day just like this, we would often have art in the afternoon. That was one of my favorite subjects. I know now, that was because I loved to create. Like then, I took to my stamping area today to make some fall cards. The oranges and yellows and golds brought back memories of the days when we would make waxed paper leaves for our classroom windows, so I used wax paper today in a genre to make my autumn cards.
Later, I rearranged my foyer to create a welcome fall vignette with gourds and fall flowers, and a new lamp which illuminated the area with the soft glow of my childhood classroom. It touched my interest and I wanted to write this as I think about what my little grandchildren will become when they are grandparents. Will they look upon the time they spent in their classrooms like I do? Today, I wonder if my little grand daughter will be a fashion designer or clothes buyer because of something she said in school this morning. Is it HER personality? The personality she will carry for a lifetime? She played in her art room at school today and wet her sleeve. Being a class of three year olds the teacher is prepared for accidents and swiftly brought out a spare dry shirt for her to change into. When Carly gazed upon the shirt she didn't miss a beat and exclaimed "Oh I can't wear that, it doesn't match my pants" !!! I'll let you in on a little secret, she does not get that from our family, we are not fashion savvy! So, I think it is all her!!!! This story shows you that it is in our nature when we are just babies to be who we are. Free from judgement and constraints. FREE to be us, even if it is for a short time in the scheme of life it is kept deep in our soul for us to have when ever we choose to embrace it.
Take care of that person from long ago. You are the purest in heart and desire that you will ever be when you return to that time.
I still yearn for soft light over flourescent anytime. The shadows play beautifully off a mirror and onto a ceiling, where I can day dream and be the person I really am.........
p.s. the wallpaper in my foyer is from the 1930's I do not have the heart to remove it. It has been here through three families, isn't that feat amazing!
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Dave said...

Donna, everytime I read one of your stories, I think "this is so awesome"! This is so REAL. And I never think the story I've just read could be surpassed... until I read the next one. You've done it again! You are a gift, and I am so blessed to have you in my life. It took me so many years, into adulthood, to appreciate who you are; the complexity of YOU. And I appreciate YOU more and more every year. Imagine if we weren't siblings... I'd never have gotten to know you! And that would have been my loss... Love you!

Anonymous said...

your blog is such a favorite daily routine of mine. I check it every day and find that I am so disappointed when there's nothing new on it. You are a great writer! Your pictures are really wonderful, too.


Shelia said...

As Dave said: You've done it again. Please leave the wallpaper I love it.