Tricks and Treats of the minds eye

The yellow light behind me
cast a shadow
on the cement walk.
As mom tucked a black and colorful granny square afghan around the baby's feet, I could hardly keep mine from dancing off down the sidewalk. Although the hard edge of my
plastic mask
kept sliding down past my eyebrows I didn't let the discomfort over shadow the excitement of being out past dark! My pumpkin bag was empty and I could not wait to get going down the street to say


Mrs. and Mrs. Hall, who were older than my grandparents, met us at the door first, their twinkling eyes prompted us to say the magic words and they passed a treat into our bag. Each house had a lit pumpkin and we were always anxious until the door opened and a smiling lady or slippered man answered. Sometimes they seemed gruff but looking back I think it was all part of the fun!
The best part of the night was dumping all our goodies onto the floor when we returned back home. Sifting through each piece, we would get either the nod from mom and dad, or we would hear, " I better test this one it doesn't look safe!" Before we knew it the yellow Pyrex bowl would be full. That bowl would sit on the counter for a week, offering lunch bag snacks and after school extra goody treats. My favorite candies were sugar daddy pops and tootsie rolls.
Tonight, I will fill my jadeite Bowl with candy. The candies are much smaller nuggets than the kind we used to receive, but I will watch as one by one the bowl empties out.
Life has come full circle, the bowls in my mind overlap as do the candy treats, blurring into what was and what is. I am now the lady older than their grandmothers passing out the candy to the sweet faced butterflies, and dishevelled pirates. Oh what a fun evening it will be. Tonight there is nostalgia in the air, and little has changed from that first night when I first strode down the cement walkway to ring the bell of a house just like the one I live in now! No, the mind's eye is playing no tricks here. How would I have known all those years ago, the memory was recorded and kept alive to relive as an adult. I am so blessed.~Happy Halloween everyone.
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Anonymous said...

Great title for this one!
Thanks for the memories!

Shelia said...

I loved the part about how all those years ago that the memory was recorded. I love those memories.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Sigh! If only I could be so gracious about getting older. I still want to be that little girl skipping down the street! Hugs xxaxx