The Cove

Once and a while life opens the floodgates, and memories pour in from all around. They seem to me like a pomegranate when it first begins to infuse the senses. The rich vibrant color attracts curiosity with a flirting glimpse of what may be familiar but, not always contemplated. Next, you are rendered paralyzed, deciding whether or not to pursue the tickle to pick it up to look deeper. Like the fruit, the first awareness is bright and forthright, but there is much more hidden beneath. That is when the decision to peel the layers and find the juice of what made it a memory in the first place attracts the senses even more. Sometimes, the skin is hardened by what we remember and it takes time and thought and determination to break through it. It can become frustrating and messy, but if the pursuit is honest the rewards are great. The pieces that made up that memory are revealed perfectly contained within the glassy perfection encapsulating each fragment. Each one can be taken separately, to be examined and then delicately tasted for the subtlety it holds, or they can be taken as a conglomeration of excitement bursting with texture and flavor, to explode the rich flavor. Each morsel combining with the next to satisfy the hunger.
Today, a memory from years ago filled with laughter, and beauty and charm and pure delightfulness came across my computer desk from a friend request on Facebook. Immediately the excitement filled my heart and the catching up was the beginning of the layer of a memory being opened, and then the salutation which left me to taste the sweet encapsulate moments all on my own. I lived and re lived those days of a younger heart and the honor I was granted to live those moments. How sweet the nectar. I hope you will join me here to see where I enjoyed the memories. I know you cannot experience them but you can take a glimpse of what are mine below.

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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

How tantalising! And ... if this was a moment in your memory ... I am wondering what the special occasion was!? This is exactly why I want to visit the US again! Hugs xxaxx

Shelia said...

Breathtaking. For a few moments there, my mind was clear and unclouded from pain and grief. Thank you.