Joy and Gratitude

For me one of the most difficult transitions in life is change. I was Grateful to wear a uniform to school each day because I never had to think about what I would wear the next day, nor was I ever surprised. The only problem I ever saw in what I wore each day for 8 years were in my dreams where I forgot my shoes, or went to school only in a slip.
Over the past months while I wrote here, I noticed over and over that most of my subjects were about the past and my fond memories of being young. I HAVE changed over time and my surroundings and habits have changed too. However, as uncomfortable as they were at the time I realize they were necessary for growth and gave me JOY.
Today, I pass through another transition of change. I am contemplating where it will lead. My biggest fear is the unknown of what is to come. Today my neighbor moved. I didn't know him well he was a bachelor much younger than I. He had lived in the house as long as I have lived in mine. We bought them almost at the same time. I had just left a neighborhood that was full of angst, caused by a young bachelor and yet this neighbor was a perfect neighbor.
There was always consistency in his habits and I loved the way he would leave lights on all through the night. His back door light shone brightly into the woods and made me feel safe. It was the perfect night light in my upstairs rooms too. Last night it was out. The woods were darkened and I had no lighted paths upstairs.
I live in a city now, even though my home is on the golf course it is a city none the less. I am wondering who will be my neighbor next? I know there is nothing I can do and that it is out of my control. I hope for another perfect neighbor. Who will hang an American Flag (you can see his in my Memorial Day Post) and keep a neat lawn, and wave across the yard. We'll just have to wait and see. BUT......
If you read through this entire post I have a special surprise for you!!! I was once a neighbor myself to a fabulous man!!!!! I had lived in 7 houses before. Each with their own souls and happiness. Castles, boxes, New England Colonials and apartments but this spot was a dream! A fairy tale come true. A time in space where prayers were answered, lessons taught, and peace enveloped the area before the next transition. I hope you will enjoy seeing my neighbors home. I hope you will see where a dream can be made, where you can feel like a princess or Alice in Wonderland or maybe Wendy from Peter Pan. I hope you will enjoy! I get such JOY at feeling the gardens in his home, and I am Grateful that I lived next to his garage!! Click the Link and Enjoy
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Hoping the Blind Will See said...

You sound a bit down, a bit sad. Is it just the times we find ourselves living in, or is it more than that? Is everything ok? Stay well, don't despair, we have another 50 years or so ahead of us! :)

By the way, where was that house? It is beautiful, but it doesn't look familiar to me...

Butternutsage said...

Hi Dave! That was on the pond in front of me! You know Carlito's house! I am doing good thanks not sad, just contemplative!!! Thanks for stopping in!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Hi Donna! How did I NOT KNOW that you had another blog??? Not until you mentioned it in your (other) post today ... did I realise! I have just spent the last half hour scrolling back and randomly reading some of your thoughts! This is definitely a task that I want to do justice ... so some rainy afternoon ... I will pop back with a cup of coffee and spend some time here!
So ... do the photos show your bachelor neighbour's house??? I just cannot imagine a single guy living in a place like that! It is simply beautiful.
Lotsa hugs Andrea xxx