Just a thought for your Imagination

A soul is is the epitomy of truth and when you are touched by one that is in harmony with your own it transcends all words. A look from the eyes of the person who holds the soul within can burn though yours to reach your heart with an ache that is joyful.
These kinds of connections are made each day throughout your life. Beginning most likely with your mother, to a sibling, and friend to a spouse and child and so on. Once and a while though there is an intensity that is unexpected with just a few souls. Tears well up when I think of the souls that are most in tuned with mine. If you saw Avatar recently, I can liken it to the bond the characters make where your thoughts are one with the Na'vi you bond with. You just have to look at the person or maybe even just think of that person, and there is a deep connection.
I am blessed to have that bond. I can't say in this post, who he, or she, or they are, because then the rest of you would be jealous (wink) but I hope you all get to experience it during your lifetime.
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Doreen Marchetti said...

That is what Namaste' means.......The light of God in me, sees the light of God in you. Or, My soul sees your soul.

Beautiful post..

Shelia said...

I have a friend that always ends a written or spoken conversation with Namaste' I had to research it a long time ago to fully understand it. And I have discovered that even death can not shut out that light.

Butternutsage said...

Isn't this wonderful! Thank you Shelia and Doreen for sending more light into this post!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Wow! This is truly deep. Having never seen Avatar (yes! I must be the only person on the planet) ... I am not sure I totally understand ... but I do know that I have my "kindred spirits" ... who are especially dear to me! (And ... some I have never met in person!) So ... I guess it is kinda what you are talking about! Hugs xxaxx