Some Memories Last Forever

Today Iwas going to begin with a title..... "The Way We Were". Oprah happened to have Babs and Robert on and if you ever read my profile you already know that was my favorite movie of all time. I gather from the conversation on television yesterday and a class I had last night I am not alone in that declaration! Yesterday was the end of a dream I didn't know I had been longing for. I found myself with tears down my cheeks, my breath being held, my head nodding in thankfulness, and actual words of affirmation screaming at the television. I was glad I was alone!
The phone wrang at 4:07. I have never let a phone just ring. I looked at it and I looked back at the television, then I looked at it again and made a conscious decision to LET IT RING I was engrossed in the moment.
I know some of you are despising these words because of political views certain people hold. Many of you know that my Dad could not watch certain classic movies "EVER" because of the actors who were in them but ME, I can seperate the art from the heart, and I hung on every word and mannerism. I caught her twirling her weddign ring when Robert sat close to her, I saw the glisten in both of their eyes when they looked at each other, and I knew this was the REAL sequel to that movie. Exhale. It was a moment in time where I will remember just where I was and what I was doing. One of the special moments in life that are just for you, and it doesn't matter who cares about it or shares it. The movie is certainly my all time favorite, but today's interview was certainly the frosting on the cake!
Oh No, I have written a post about a title without even meaning to go there, so I guess the story I had meant to tell after the first sentence will just have to wait. After all I am in that place in 1973 of "The Way I Was"~Enjoy
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I am sooooo going to have to get hire that DVD and watch it again. I have only ever seen it once ... and that would probably have been 30 years ago! You are allowed to be a little self-indulgent from time to time, Donna! I dooooo hope you taped the Oprah episode??? Hugs xxaxx