A Christmas Wish

DECEMBER 11,2010sitting
not moving
forward or backward
suspended in time
not busy
too busy
fogetting to remember
not decorating
decorating too much
Does age get in the way of Christmas? I remember when the days lasted forever, and the wait was almost too much to bear. Now the days don't last long enough and they creep up before we know it with things not getting done, and wishes not being sent and all before you know it Christmas is here.
I have a few days left but my house isn't clean, my presents aren't bought, the gifts I do have aren't wrapped.
Why do we put this on ourselves?
I liked being in the chaos of the season when I was 30 something. It was all new and I needed to prove myself. I LOVED Christmas when I was little because it was all new and bright and sparkly and fun and the smells and the glitter and the wait
was all so worth it.
But now, I just want to sit back and watch. I just want to enjoy the faces of the little ones, who still believe.
I want to BE in the moment of waiting
I want to BE with my family
I want to BE quiet
I want to BE
I hope
will envelope your Christmas!
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Dave said...

You've got to start publishing some of this stuff, it's awesome, and everyone is better than the last. And the first one was awesome, so what does that tell you? Love you! Merry Christmas! Enjoy the wait. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the grandkids... enjoy Christmas in His love.

Megan said...

I can't get into the spirit this year. Everything feels so rushed (but not in a fun way) and I just feel like I can't sit and enjoy it. I think it's because I came back from our trip in the middle of the season, so I feel all behind!

See you on Christmas Eve!!!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I soooooo get what you are feeling. The older we get the more the magic disappears. But ... I am determined not to get bogged down this year ... and just take one day at a time! I am sure that we will feel the magic again! Thanks for sharing Donna! Happy Christmas! Enjoy hunny! Hugs xxaxx

Kasey said...

So nice to see I'm not the only one, I keep getting surprised when I see Christmas decorations up in the shops! OMG is it that close already? Where is my excitement? Where is my motivation to shop for my family? I have two grand children, one is 12 and still gets excited about Santa...although sadly, that will end soon and one little one who is 2yrs and 4 mths and is only just beginning to understand what this whole Christmas thing is all about. But still...even with the children my spark for Christams is not there, I'm going through the paces for them but not really feeling it. So in answer to your initial question Donna, YES! Age does get in the way of Christmas.

I've been checking in on your Craft blog now for a while. Found this one at 5am this morning (another insomniac morning) and LOVE that you share yourself in this way. Your writings touched me. Thank you.

Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said...

Well expressed! It's so true that when we're young the holidays seem like forever to get here, and as we get older they arrive and are gone in a flash! Enjoy the moment! Spent a wonderful day with my kids and grandkids today! New follower from New England! Merry Christmas!