My Winter Wonderland

Freshly fallen snow and Christmas vacation what could be better? Santa had not brought sleds or flying saucers, but we would make do after all, we had a hill in our very own backyard and a lot of neighborhood kids to join us in some sledding fun! I found the biggest piece of cardboard box left over from presents, and one of my smaller siblings could still fit in the plastic dish pan which went like the wind down the hill, and some of the neighbors did have the "real thing" saucers and toboggans that we all took turns on.
Shouts of "hey don't walk up the trail or it won't go fast,... my turn, wait I'm next,... let's race,... I love the bump at the end best, could be heard all through the day and into the evening and into garden we would fly!
As the sun set it began to get a bit chillier and even though we could feel it in our bones we were not ready to end the day. Our last run was just when we could barely see each other any longer and the lights inside the house shone through the frosted window pane heralding supper was ready!
Our cheeks were rosy red, and our smiles and good nature made supper extra special. As nighttime came and we hurried off to bed we lay there in the dark reliving the days adventure's in stories, always ending the last word before sleep with "do you still feel like you are rushing down the hill on your bum?"
What fun winter is for children. My blessed grandchildren have a dad who made a luge yesterday off of their ten foot high deck that flies way out into their backyard. I know they too will have fond memories just like I do, but today I hate winter, for I sit here in twisted pain just trying to type after shoveling a 40' driveway all day yesterday. Even though my mind still loves it, my body punishes me each time I try to play or work in snow. I will be laid up now for at least three days and I may even need to take a trip to the chiropractor, but not before I get these luscious pictures posted of my WINTER WONDERLAND!~see you soon!
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Shelia said...

Wonderful memories, wonderful story, as an older kid, we used an old car hood, we could all pile on together. No fear of getting hurt back then. Then I became a mother, and I remember visiting with my parents with my young son Scott. It snowed while we were there, and my precious father went to his wood shop and made him a sled. It had wooden runners, but my Father made them slick with candle wax. There were not even any splinters, he had sanded it all so smooth, there could be no splinters in his grandson's hands. Scott's eyes got big and then came that big big smile of his. I wished I had the sled, I wished I had my Dad I wish I had my Son. But they are building other things today.