The rest of the story.....Merry Christmas

Butteflies in my stomach, in the most excitable way always accompanied the orange glow of Christmas Lights in the dim lit room of my mother's "parlor" as we called it back then. It was so magical every aspect created the sense of wonder and joy. Traditional chores seemed effortless, and the unwrapping of decorations took on the same importance year after year. One of the most memorable decorations was the winter scene my mom would create. A hand mirror for a pond, and cotton batten for the snow with prickly green trees and bakeware animals surrounding the sparkly snow covered church, and clothes pin choir boys. After the five children had all grown up with homes of their own, the eighties were in full bloom. Decorations became more sophisticated with Byer Caroler's and Studio 56! The old cardboard houses and wax angels, and the carolers had long been put aside for newer brighter houses and figures! Year after year the basement would be cleaned in springtime and somewhere down the line the cardboard decorations were thrown away to make room for other things.
Now, maybe it was because I was older and no longer lived at my mother's house or maybe it was because the magic of Christmas had taken on a different revelation, but those NEW items never really gave me butterflies.

In Novemebr of this year I was reading Nie's blog and was delighted with butterflies in my stomach and a huge smile on my face all over again. This picture of this church was in her post. She had gotten it from an antique shop. ANTIQUE can I possibly be that old.....well I guess I am after all. I was so excited about seeing this curch in her post that I zipped an email off to her and just as quickly she sent one back saying..."what is your address? I am sending it to you". Well can you imagine my excitement at that prospect. She is a remarkable person. Full of hope and blessings and blessings for others too! I am so happy I know her story. If you don't you will have to take a day to learn about her....but for now you can visit her today here.
Now you know how that church came to be in my "parlor" ~Thank you Stephanie! I do believe in Santa!
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Shelia said...

I love that you share your memories. Reading yours, bring mine back to the fore front again. and yes in my Mother's attic, there is the "silver aluminum" Christmas tree.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh Donna ... so ... am I being really naive ... is that THE tree? Or one that is just similar? Did you actually find the one that your mother had discarded??? No way! That is unbelievable! But ... if it is ... it was meant to be! :D Hugs xxaxx