AHHHHHHH spring is in the air which means even though it will still be cold and we will probably have more snow before winter is done, there is hope of a brighter tomorrow.....

Hope brings comfort to those in pain and sorrow, hope brings peace for those who wait, hope brings wonder for those who anticipate. HOPE. How strong a word how strong an emotion.

Today, I am cognizant of a friend who has survived on hope for the past year. The memories of the birth of a baby boy she held in her arms for the first time years ago, are present on her mind. It is her lifeline this week full of hope, as she marks this first birthday for him without his presence. This week will be difficult for her as she sits and relives the days that led to his passing a short year ago. Like a ceremonial passage she will be quiet in the reality of what has transpired over the last 365 days. She will grieve and smile, she will sob and whimper, and through it all she will have hope that one day she will be with him again.

Hope, is the sustanance of our lives, the thing that keeps us going, the quiet emotion that makes us continue the walk on that lonely path. It keeps us on the path because, with hope comes the rays of sunshine, the breath of life, and the colors of a rainbow. With hope we can move on and grow stronger in the trial, knowing that there is a brighter side. The hope that with time everything is perfect and fulfilled.

A gift for each of us. HOPE!
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Linda said...

Yes, without hope what do we have?
As for spring, we've been teased, our weather has been sunny and in the 40's (a heat wave for us) but more cold and snow is on the way. It was a nice break tho.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I have a friend who is in this sad situation, too! She also has hope ... that one day she will be with her son, again. And ... it makes me wonder ... how do others survive without this hope? Thanks for sharing Donna! hugs xxaxx

Shelia said...

Donna I am overwhelmed. I have just really got back on the internet, after this week. You, Donna, have reminded me of the hope that is eternal. The rainbow effect, is perfect. It is Scott sending down his message of hope he has for me. You spoke my emotions so eloquently, something I have not been able to do. Again I am just overwhelmed with your gracious memorial to my Scott, my first born son. And most of all honoring me by really feeling my pain, and soothing it. Love to you. This 365 day journey has been life altering, but I suceeded through the Grace of God and the wonderful friends he has sent to me, to help me bear this burden.