Three weeks ago the area that would eventually become a laundry room~Office~TV room~ and utility area, looked like an old half garage, half basement from the 50's. 1953 to be exact, the same year I was born...oh to have a makeover for my tired looking self! LOL!
Anyway hubby and I and Mike (our son) and Katie his wife got to work to create a new space for them in their home. We demolished all the old plaster and wire lathe ceilings, and took down the wall between the old garage and basement. We waterproofed the walls and floors, and added 1" foam core to the walls. Then we studded off the future rooms, and had an electrician wire the area. We then added R19 insulation to all the new walls, and had a plasterer come in to drywall the area. We then hung doors, and added trim, and made new stairs, and bookcases, and closets, and then we painted, and sanded, and stained, and now we wait for the floors to be installed on Monday! WHEW!!!! Then Steve will go back to work (he is a camera salesman..not a carpenter, not bad for a hacker huh?!)Then I will take finished pics for you to see more!
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Patti J said...

WOW! Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Feeling for you missing Steve ... after 3 weeks of being together constantly! I have the blessing ... that Gav works from home. He goes out each morning to do medical interviews ... and is home at lunch time each day to write the reports up! Aren't I a lucky girl! Hugs xxaxx