What I do behind closed doors

What I do for fun! Sometimes life isn't all so reflective and it is carefree and light. In fact most of my days are like that because I get to create each and everyday. Something that I have enjoyed since I was 5 years old. I can vividly remember a summer day while I was sitting on a rocking chair at my bedroom window. We lived on the second floor and that window looked down onto the street below. THe breeze was gently blowing the curtain against my cheek and I would brush the bangs from my eyes ever so annoyed. Now I look back with a huge smile because it was one of the calmest memories of childhood I have. I also see me sitting with something small in my hands. A piece of jewelry that I had taken apart and redesigned to please my fancy! I chuckle to think of the brand new houses that I have taken apart to "fit my fancy" and all the other things I have redesigned. My mother always said I should have a doll house, because it would be a lot more affordable than redoing all the "real houses" I have redone!
Well, as I get older and older I have fewer redo's to do, and that is where the passion of card making comes forth. SO, I thought I'd share that piece of me with you today. I hope you find a bright moment in your day where you feel peaceful and fulfilled!
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Shelia said...

Oh Donna, that bow is sooo pretty. The stamping is too, but that bow just draws the eye. I am glad you love to share your "re-dos"

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I can feel the "peace" in this card! TFS. Hugs xxaxx