Winter 2011 vs 1969

Whew! Winter has been harsh this year. Although if I look back, winters like this are the ones I remember most from when I was a child. Here's one of those way back winters for you.

As I lay in bed exhausted from the day of snow play, my body still has the muscle memory of rhythmic sliding. Earlier that morning I lay in that same bed listening to the radio announcer read his list of school closings. "........ no school in Sharon today, all day, Stoneham no school, all day, Stoughton closed today" .......and right there and then I bounded out of bed with a whole new purpose at hand. SNOW DAY I yelled and we all giggled and laughed and danced. For a day home from school was seldom and full of fun. After breakfast it was time to don snow gear and find something to sled with. In those days it was rare that we actually had a sled, so we made do with cardboard boxes and cookie sheets and dishpans, but that was half the fun. We were lucky enough to have the backyard that had a small hill. All the neighborhood kids met at our house for the day to race back and forth,and up and down that little piece of heaven.
As dusk approached I was always surprised to see that we were allowed to stay out just a little bit longer to enjoy the day. Not soon after the sun had set, the back door light would come on and mom would yell out "Come on in! Supper!" We sat at the kitchen table rosy cheeks and glazed eyes! Sleep was at our doorstep, and dreams of the day lay waiting to be told. I could barely keep awake to eat, and crawling into bed was like slipping onto a cloud. I feel a smile upon my face, and the muscle memory rocks me off to sleep.
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Anonymous said...

I love this story! I have enjoyed every single snow day for different reasons this year of being able to snuggle my kiddos a little bit longer in the morning, warm tea with them in the afternoons and knowing that we get to have a simpler day in life. I hope my kids have these special memories as they look back!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about how this winter is just like the old fashioned ones I remembered from childhood. It's funny, but the past summer had reminded me of the childhood lazy summers I used to enjoy as well. What a gift the weather has been for this reason. I loved my childhood summers playing school, picking blueberries, and the day-long kickball games on our dead end street. The winters always seemed bright with promise of building a snow fort or engaging in a lively snowball fight. Thank God for our childhood memories. May we keep the kid in us forever.