I watched, Leave It To Beaver, Andy Of Mayberry, I Love Lucy, and Concentration just before theEYEWITNESS NEWS at noon. That was the "sick day" line up for me as I lay on the couch sipping tea. Mom made it just sweet enough and I was pampered! I never changed the channel because the reception would get fuzzy and I couldn't reach the rabbit ears. I felt cozy and safe with no care in the world except would I run out of kleenex? The news only lasted 15 minutes at lunch time, and would not return until 6 hours later! So that is when I ate my lunch to get ready for more shows to keep me entertained until supper time! A thirty minute show was 26 minutes long, with only one or two commercials!

How safe the world was then, when did it all go awry?

I try not to think about it too much because I see that when I do I truly begin to slip into depression. I feel more and more like an ostrich trying to pretend nothing is wrong. I rarely turn the news on these days, because I don't want to know what is happening. In fact, I hadn't heard about the earthquake or tsunami in Japan until the Monday after it happened. As coarse as it may seem my life went on as usual, because I was unaware. I was happy and not depressed. The sun shone, the weather was spring like, the clocks had turned and life was stress free. Was there really anything that I could do in that time that would change the events?
Interesting concept. What did people do in 1511? It was weeks before they got news of what was happening and they were not bombarded with world affairs in which they had no control over. They lived their lives in their communities and helped those around them. They were productive and rewarded in spirit for their contributions to their communities and families.

In a short period of time we have emerged into the world as a "group" one conglomerate, because of MEDIA. Print, television and computers have made the world accessible, but is it a good thing. Do we take on too much in our daily lives. Is it too much for a person to absorb, and was a human created, to be bombarded with news and catastrophe, day after day hour after hour?
The readily available access of news over and over, may actually make us feel more helpless, knowing we have little control over the situations being broadcast. News has gone from 15 minutes three times a day to 24 hours a day, with no let up and very little uplifting information!

I propose you try shutting off your television and computer for a week and you will truly see what I mean. I can almost guarantee that after the intitial shock you will feel more content, free, and in control! What a phenomenon. Perhaps the media is what spawns the unrest and discontent in our homes and in our souls. Gentle voices, smiling faces, happy families portrayed in advertising, sway us into to believing we need more and we need everything to be happy! Hurtful comedy and harsh vocabulary lull us into believing it is okay to be uncivilized and crude. It is a lie. Just how much of it is a lie? Do you have a minute to think about that question, or are you in a rush to be stimulated with yet more NEWS! SOmething that can be washed over you until you are living it. Never thinking about it just absorbing it!

The lessons I learned from Andy, and Lucy and Hugh were to enjoy the everyday moments with family and friends and to be kind to strangers and to have fun at play! I never learned it was important to be worried about the news, and I was never depressed.
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So ... after reading both posts here ... and the one on your stamping blog ... I think I am beginning to understand! What an idea ... it almost seems an impossibility to be able to remove yourself from the "world" even for just a week. I feel "out of touch" if I don't see the news at least once a day. Would I be able to do what you are suggesting??? Hhhhmmmm ... I will have to think about that! Is that what is occupying you at the moment??? Hugs xxaxx