Each year I get giddy when I hear the peepers for the first time! I read once that the evening has to be above 50 degrees for them to mate. It is the same time that the yellow spotted salamander is out and about. They are beautiful and I have only seen one one time when I was a newlywed. Last night the peepers were in full symphony and the night air was gentle and sweet smelling. It was almost hard to believe I still had snow in my driveway. The week has been mild but the winter was long and harsh and has yet to give up it's hold for the season.
But this morning the sky is is bright and the yard is full of the hustle and bustle of squirrels and robins, and bunnies and doves. Life has been renewed! Spring has sprung and we are ready for another season of sowing.
My sedum sentries have been buried for months and not yet poked through the earth but tucked in the crevice of my foundation a stowaway hollyhock has emerged in perfect glory. Veins fresh and unfurled leaves are perky and waiting to leap high in the air to be a spectacle of ruby red this summer! The soul too has been rejuvenated and ready for it's purpose. How wonderful the seasons of life. The spring heralds in rebirth from the rest of winter. Meet it with joy...HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

It sounds like something exciting is happening! I wonder??? Hugs xxaxx