What if you NEVER saw snow again?

No I really mean it, what if you never saw it again. What if you didn't get to see the sparkle like diamonds on the day after a big snowfall when it was so cold outside that your eyelashes froze? Or what if you didn't get to see the heavy branches from a wet snow bend all the way to the ground making hiding places for bunnies and birds, and shined like crystal palaces in the quiet of an early sunrise. What if you didn't get to hear the crunch of it under your shoe, or get to taste it with maple syrup or vanilla extract? Or what if you didn't get to pick it up in your bare hand as you wiped it off your windshield on an April morning, because it was warm out and the last flakes of winter had just fallen the night before to say good bye for another season. What if you NEVER saw snow agian? Or anything of nature that you take for granted?

How many small things like the last snow fall go unacclaimed except for the grumbling of "enough all ready!" What if it were the last time you were going to ever see it, would then it be special and worth looking at and relishing?

That is how precious every minute of every day is and yet we go on in the hustle and bustle of life never really thinking about it until one day it is MOMENTOUSLY gone! I hope you don't wait until it is all gone, to realize that all the little moments are worth the same as the big moments, and that by relishing just one of those little moments today your life will be enriched with the simple knowledge that you didn't let it leave unnoticed! Take time to look at that one solitary moment, because it was part of your own unique life!
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Alyson (New England Living) said...

I like this because as a native Californian I always longed for snow. Now that I live in New England, I adore it and never complain about it. It's beautiful! It's gorgeous! And I look forward to it every year.