Tiny slender ribbed glasses filled with tomato juice and grilled english muffins with packets of jelly, patent leather shoes, straw hats, pink, blue, lavender.... THE STOUGHTON DINER. Home fries, new babies, boyfriends, girlfriends, Ilda, trench coats, bell bottoms, wedge heels, .....BICKFORD'S. Photo albums, more babies, toddlers, children, clowns, table linens, husbands, wives, navy, and suits, and lace, and heels......The Sheraton's and Thorny Lea.......

Rain, Snow, Summer, Chill it didn't matter every year on Easter Sunday Morning we went out for breakfast after Mass. Even on the Easter Sunday, the day before my mom passed away we went as a family to breakfast because we knew the importance of the tradition. As I think back I cannot remember a single year that we did not make the traditional feast in a Restaurant or Hotel. Yes, there were some years when all the members could not attend like when a soon to be baby had their mom on bed rest, or when some fledglings had moved away to another state, but for the most part everyone was in the nest and accounted for.

Easter Sunday Breakfast will be a new experience for us in 2011 for we will not be trekking to a restaurant, or hotel, or country club. We will be joining as a family to celebrate in a different way this time, at my home! The circle continues with a new baby just two weeks old and a patriarch that began this tradition some 50 years ago. He and three small children in tow, at a local diner with ribbed glasses and jelly packs held by little chubby hands began the custom of coming together to share breakfast on Easter Sunday Morning . How special the morning will be as we look back on the years of group portraits to remember where we have been and to wonder where we will go! Happy Easter, be joyful and glad for a new day has been given us!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

It is simply wonderful to have family traditions ... even if we "tweak" them every now and then. It is so important to have that sense of family identity. I do hope your breakfast together was a special treat for all! (Hope you didn't work too hard for it, though!) Hugs xxaxx