I will always believe in Fairytales!

I turned down the covers and walked into the closet to fetch my nightgown, it had been a long evening and I was quite tired. It was going to feel good to get to bed and I was already thinking of what I would dream about. As usual I popped on the television for light as I turned out the closet illumination and immediately knew that what I was hearing was serious. "Diana Princess of Wales has been seriously injured in a motor accident in Paris and her companion Dodi El Fayad has died." ...that time in 1997 has remained emprinted in my mind along with all the images of a beautiful young princess as she walked down the aisle at Westminster Abby. For most of us it was the wedding of Charles and Diana that caused us to be enamoured with royalty. After her death Daina became immortalized and we looked upon her as a heroin for many reasons. We almost didn't think anyone could over sahdow her, but today for me that has happened. Today, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton has become a Duchess and the betrothed to William. It was with great anticipation that I awoke at 4:30 to begin the watch! I was NOT disappointed. When Kate immerged from the Bently her personna was graceful, elegant, and regal! I hope you got to watch as she delighted all of us who still believe in fairytales!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

We had a much more suitable time for watching ... the coverage started at 4pm in the afternoon ... the wedding was at 8pm ... and the telecast finished around 11pm. The perfect way to spend a Friday night. I only hope that this marriage will be one to last. It seems that Wills & Kate are extremely in love ... very happy and ... it has a good chance ... but I guess we will have to wait and see. Thanks for a sweet post! Hugs xxaxx