Spring Renewal

I don't remember smiling as a child.

The sun was in my eyes and my lace topped white cotton socks had begun to creep into my shoe, but I loved the way the satin ribboned cape felt blowing against my cheek and the way my dressed pouffed out when the breeze caught it's hem. My black pattent leather shoes were shiny from rubbing them with Vaseline and it was May!

Springtime is so enchanting and new. The damp and still cool earth has little tufts of crumbcake mounds from where the robbins have pecked for worms and the squirrels have tried to retrieve left over treasures buried in fall! The sounds of birds and lawnmowers and laughter fill the air awakening it from the winter silence. I let the sun shine on my back now as I start the season of weeding and surveying pods, and seedlings, and buds, and tubers. A new season full of promise and full of smiles.

I don't rememebr smiling as a child, but spring memories make me smile now!
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Patti J said...

Nice post, Donna! You seem to be able to say what I think a lot of the time! lol... And I do so recall the Vaseline on my shoes! I never had a cape, though :( Have a nice day - we are mowing for the first time today, and it smells WONderful! Hugs...

Shelia said...

Thank you for the chuckle the Vaseline on the shoes brought. My little grand daughters need to learn about that. Isn't it exciting to see what gifts the the earth opens up to every spring. We also feel renewed. Love the post