Happy Birthday to me!

This is a picture of my mom at the age she was when I was born. Thanks Mom!

Today is my birthday! I will celebrate "me" alone. I will do a job in my office, that I need to finish in the next hour and then I will take a ride to the ocean, have lunch, revel in the warmth of a beautiful spring day, meditate and be glad for the time I share with myself. Maybe I will buy a bauble!!!!! Then I will think Happy Birthday to me!!!!!! (wink)
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Patti J said...

Ha ha ha, absolutely you must buy a bauble! Happy Birthday, dear friend! So are you 58 now? Older than me, ha ha! I turned 57 in April! DH was 61 yesterday. Where have these years gone? I hope that your day has been wonderful, and that you have enjoyed the wonderful company! Hippy Bathday, Donna!

Patti J said...

By the way, your mom was so beautiful!