Hello May!
Soft spring grass wet with dew spatter drops of water on shiny shoes. Soft breezes that tickle the skin on upper arms with goose bumps make a sensory memory. Sunshine, warm against a face that looks up to the puffy white clouds sketched behind whispy blown bangs. Butter cups and dandelions bright as gold in pink fists.These are the memories of a child forever etched in canyon crevices throughout time to be gently recalled each season.

MAY is like no other month. I used to think it was just because it was my birthday month that it was special, but as I read from blogs around the country I realize it is transends a birthday, it is universally loved. Like the dreams that spring forth in new array to be lifted in hope, May brings the puffs of dandelions to be raise high and blown out across the universe by puckered lips. They never know what the future holds but are filled with faith that it will be wonderful.

Like the lilacs, the scents of May envelope each cell to hold forever the wonder of new life.

May is the season of children, and for the search of the child that lives in each of us. A time to be drawn out to play in the memories of simple life and the pure joy of innocence.

"MAY" The word itself evokes a smile and can be the catalyst for good deeds and care. I am busy in May. Busy with delights that do not come at any other time of the year. Busy with the newness of gardening, busy with the freshness of spring recipes, and busy with fun. Busy with adventures. The "fairies" and I will be enjoying a weekend on Cape Cod, and then my month will end on Memorial Day with a trip to Kennebunkport, Maine. There memories of family treasures and sadness remain, in contemplative quiet wathing over Bufflehead Ducks and listening to interludes of flute and violin, in front of a crackling fire.

Oh May!!!! Bring flowers of the fairest and joys of the rarest to cradle me in the sweetness of your arms. You are gone all so quickly.

*Fairies are my classmates that I went to first grade with. After more than 50 years there are still of dozen of us who stay in touch to play! We will be sharing that time again this weekend!
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My name is Wynneth said...

I believe I have been guided to your blog, it is wonderful ! Thank you so much for creating it, I have become a Follower and look forward to my journey with you and your beautiful thoughts.

Butternutsage said...

hi Wynneth and welcome to My Backyard Door! I hope I inspire you to dream and reflect and listen to your spirit. I do not know how you came by but I believe nothing is by coincidence! Enjoy Hugs~Donna

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

May is not the same for us ... here on the other side of the world ... but I can enjoy your thoughts with a smile on my face ... imagining the joy of spring and all that comes with it! Hugs xxaxx