Funny how creativity takes you in areas that consumes your time. Then at some point you look out beyond that place of focus, and you begin to panic for what has been left undone. I have been in a creative zone that has been all engulfing and I have left this blog undone for much too long. The weather has changed from minute to minute and been so erratic lately that I cannot even delve into that subject. I look at the sentry mushrooms of last year and have hardly given them a nonchalant glance this season. My iris need dividing, and my impatients have needed water for a week now, each day I wished for rain because I couldn't find a minute to give them a drink.

Time is moving at a fast pace and just when I think I have a handle on it I have lost five hours because of a glitch in some technology. ARGH!!!Well, I was able to savor a moment this week when my grandson called me to apologize for his attitude towards me. WHAT APOLOGIZE!!!!! He never has to apologize! That was my first reaction, as I said "oh sweetheart you don't...and before I could get the ..."need to apologize" out of my mouth, my mind switched to practicality and I realized his mom was trying to teach him something. I immediately back pedaled with grandmotherly affection and I told him he was doing the right thing. I was glad that he was sorry, but I was not angry with him. It broke my heart for him to have to say he was sorry. After all he was just being honest. It went down like this.

After speaking with my daughter for a few minutes I asked to speak to Colin who was playing Wii. In the background I heard grumbling and then I heard .."alright just give me the phone so I can get it over with" ....oh my it sounds worse in print then it did when I heard it. It was the first time I felt what it was like to be a pesky grandmother. My little guy was growing up and didn't "love" me like he used to! He spoke to me with hurried answers and I knew he wanted to get back to his game. SO, I said goodbye, and hung up the phone so he wouldn't begrudge the intrusion any longer. Ten minutes later is when I received his phone call to me. I guess his attitude didn't sit well with his mother. (wink)

It made me think of time passing by and leaving us in the dust. One day he will be a teenager and have more important things to attend. I think it is time to slow down and savor some more moments!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I know how special your Colin is to you ... and I am sure he feels the same about you! It was just a tiny moment in a world full of love that he has for his g'ma. I know your instincts were right to allow him to acknowledge his insensitivity ... and I am sure he feels really sorry for dismissing you so carelessly. But ... one thing I realised when reading your story ... I know already that my tiny grand-daughter will one day do something similar ... even though at 8 weeks old I cannot imagine it! And ... I hope I am gracious enough to handle it as beautifully as you did! Hugs xxaxx

Anonymous said...

I look forward to new posts on your blog and couldn't wait to read this. The first thing I noticed was that this one has no title. The second thing I noticed was the tone of regret, confusion, longing, and ambiguity that is part of our lives now that we are women in our 50's+. This post touched me more than any other. Even though they all are so personal and relevant to you, your gift for writing has truly become a gift for the reader.