The day was fresh and as I lay in bed I could watch the sun move across the facade of my neighbors shed. I lay quietly as I watched time move. It was one of those kinds of mornings when you awake earlier than usual and really refreshed. There is no desire to linger in bed for 10 more minutes, instead you rise to meet the day with a smile and anticipation. Your body moves without pain and everything seems right with the world.

I get dressed and start my morning routine by first reading scripture. After 18 months of daily reading I am in the book of John and it is lovely. Christ has come alive for me and reveals gentleness and love for others. It inspires me to be better. Next, I move on to emails and my favorite blogs and finally I grab a cup of coffee.

Now, I am a girl who although I am a decent cook I DO NOT COOK. I am a little strange in the respect of food in my house. I do not like my house to smell like food therefore I DO NOT COOK! So, that means I need to go to my local coffee shop ie. Dunkies for my first cup in the morning. I bound out the door and say goodbye to hubby who is looking over his pristinely cut lawn from yesterday and wave goodbye to him as I bound out the driveway. It is a good MONDAY morning!

While I sit in line at the drive through my mind wanders and I realize that I am preoccupied about how I will greet my server at the window and begin to rehearse what I might say. I am cheery and want her day to be too! SO I play in my head the words "you have a greeeeaaat day Missy", nah that sounds a little condescending even if it is not meant to be. Okay try this "I hope you have a day full of fun today!" ...Really(**(^&*^%$ she is at work! Then I practice, "I hope you have a great day sweetie" after all sweetie is kind and friendly and not too familiar...ahh forget it I'll just say thank you and have a good I get to the window I am greeted by a young girl who is probably at her summer job. Before I can say 'have a good day" she looks at me straight in the eye and says "you have a great day sweetie".......I drove away, smiling ear to ear.

Have you ever heard the affirmative whispers of God's delight and caught His humor?
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog and especially the beautiful pictures around your house. I moved to Texas from Colorado last year and I relish every picture of beautiful green areas in the summertime where you can enjoy time outside, as there is no such thing in Texas - it is too hot to go outside! Thank you for sharing your life with us!!


Anonymous said...

As ususual Donna, fun to read. Your story put a smile on my face. By the way,as someone who labors to make my lawn well manicured and weed free, I commend Steve on how nice his lawn looks!

Cousin Shel in Del.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

What a wonderful insight into your little world! I can just imagine these little moments ... and it helps me to know you just a little better. And ... I am determined ... to greet those who "serve" (as in work) me ... with a little more thought and with a desire to make their day a little brighter too. So ... tell me Donna! Do you wake up like this every day??? (wink) Hugs xxaxx