Summer Naps

With reservation in her voiceThe weather girl reports " feels almost fallish" and I stopped to observe outside my window and realized, it did! It was a great reprieve from the heat we had over the weekend. The humidity was gone and the breeze was refreshing. Not quite like late September but you could tell summer was dreaming for other hemisheres!

Now, because I have lived in New England all my life, I know the cycle of weather here. So, I know that the humidity will return in a few days and summer will be in gear for a few more weeks, but today was a signal of the change to come.

I had been up early as usual, but I had some freedom to play. Nothing was on my schedule so I did just that. In fact, I made these two digital scrap book pages that are posted here. Only number 2 and 3 that I have ever tried, after all they are digital! I kind of like them! The morning drifted into afternoon and the sun came around to my office telling me it was late. What a wonderful day to take a nap on my porch, and as I walk towards the door I grabbed a soft pillow from the chair for I knew my neck would have a crook in it when I awoke if I did not. Then, the thought of becoming chilled once my eyes shut, caused me to pull a knitted coverlet from it's hiding place in my window seat. That is when it all grabbed me. Unexpectedly in a rush of emotion I pushed the knitted wool into my face and took deep breaths. It was Nonnie! My dear sweet mother in law Jennie. She had made the coverlet as one of the last things on her list to do before she died. It was for my son, but I loved it's colors so I hadn't given it to him yet. I was sad, I missed her and felt her loss again after three years. It always amazes me how I can go for months and not think of her, and then one single touch of wool will pull my heart right into a tizzy! I didn't take my nap but, sat instead on my porch and thought of her. How wonderful and unassuming she was to me, her daughter in law. How she was a comfort when my own mother died and how she taught me with simplicity of what it is to be a mother of grown children. I treasure the moments she gave me on my porch on the ocean, while she waited for me to awaken one day from a nap. Today, I sit on my porch in the city and still feel her near and reflect on all that she taught me.

August signals that a change of seasons is on the horizon, it also brings with it the best moments of summer. Past and Present!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

We have had signals of change ... and spring is in the air. Unseasonably warm weather this week has meant a sudden lifting of the spirits! Our seasons aren't as much of a contrast as yours ... but I still anticipate the days when you wake up and realise that the winter chill has gone! Thanks for sharing this sweet memory. It seems we both have had precious mother-in-laws who both defy the normal stereo-types! I envy your quite day ... but was so happy that you spent a day just for you~! Hugs xxaxx

Shelia said...

Anonymous said...

We have not had a change in the heat that is overwhelming. I too had a wonderful mother in law. I was only 17, and thought I knew everything. My MIL guided me and taught me to cook and be a good mother. She died Feb 2009 and it was such a great loss. But knowing that she was there waiting on Scott the next Feb, is comforting. I remember the story of the day of the nap while at the ocean. It is one to cherish