Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip hooray, Hip Hip Hooray......Alfalfa Farm!!!!

As we pulled onto the dirt roadway we were enveloped with low hanging branches. The narrow roadway dipped into ravines that I was not too excited about. As we got deeper and deeper into the woods the thoughts of a bed and breakfast to my liking, were fast disipating. Each bend just brought us further to nowhere. Then, the rays of sunlight shone down and a clearing came into view with a long white fence and meadows and orchards and gardens and a river. There at the end of the woods sat the most beautiful turn of the century home stately clothed in seaworn gray and pristine white cuffs and collars. We pulled around the crushed stone drive and parked. Approaching the porch was like going home to somewhere you had never known you missed. The squeak on the door hinge announced our arrival and we were met in the dining room by Harriet. The scents, and sights and sounds were too much to take in all at one time. While I was trying to ask about accomodations I felt like I was outside my body trying to grasp it all. In three weeks time we would return with more than a dozen family members for a vacation which changed all of our lives.

It has been 23 years since that time and I no longer have small children, or a mother. However, I do have the opportunity to relive the excitement as I am given minute by minute details of a trip now taken for the first time via facebook and cell phones, by one of my little ones as an adult. He blessed me with things I cannot put into words today. I feel like a mother of a boy once again. I thought he was gone.....and I was so wrong. That little boy who spent hours searching for golf balls at low tide returned to me in his excitement as he saluted Alfalfa Farm, as he rounded the bend to George Bush's summer house, as he ate lunch at Flo's hotdog stand and finally relaxed in the Balcony Room at Bufflehead Cove Inn . He shared it all on his phone via facebook. The memory makers of 1987 came full circle as he made a memory for me today. How silly of me to be so sentimental. How silly of me to be crying happy tears. How silly of me to be so happy that the memories I tried to create have come full circle and are now being shared with his wife. I have been shown how much they meant to a little boy. Now I know they were saved and are being relived. How silly......

There was no facebook then, no cell phone cameras then, but today we all shared the moment together. The best part was when I visited facebook and heard my daughter's excitement as she experiences her first Safari in Kenya! Or when I read all the comments from my nieces and nephews who had seen the Bed and Breakfast pictures, and remarked on those memories of 1987 too! They all remembered and treasured the memories. A new time, a new excitement for them as adults, and a new chapter. One story fades as another comes into the light! I was given a gift today to see the fruits of what it meant to be a mom who made memories for her children! That is a rare jewel. How exciting!
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Cher' Shots said...

I came upon your blog for the first time today. I am now your newest follower. I loved your story ~ and how the sentiment you feel flows into your writing.
'hugs from afar'

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Memories ... something that can't be taken from us! And ... so wonderful that your shared memory brought a smile to your face today! I wish I had more memories of my childhood and often wonder why I don't??? It wasn't unhappy ... but it also wasn't that remarkable! I guess it is the things we store in our hearts that make the memories ... and this has to be an active thing. So ... I will be taking the time to ask my kids ... about memories we have made together ... if only to store these ... for future recall. Hugs xxaxx
PS That picture looks like it came straight out of a movie set. And ... I love your description of the white collar and cuffs! Perfect! xx

Linda Hardesty said...

I just happened upon your blog, but instead of hurridly looking at the pictures or perusing quickly through the posts, I knew this was something different...something I wanted to take time to really read and enjoy. I, too, am at that same point in my life as all of our children are grown with families of their own. Lives entwined with memories and love. You have a beautiful way with words and I can't wait to continue reading more. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Linda Hardesty