Record Players....can you invision iPods?

When I was a young teenaged girl things were a lot stricter than they are now. Wow! I type those words and my mind remembers well how "rebellious" I felt in 1969 and yet my mind's EYE today realizes just how long ago that was. I was wearing mini skirts, and teasing my hair but I could not go to the Armory for Friday night dances or date. I was envious of my friends from school who could do all of that, and I dreamed of getting a record player in a few weeks for Christmas. The Beatles were a phenom and Paul Revere and the Raiders were groovy! Sure enough my dreams that Christmas did come true and I got a record player to share with my sister just 2 years younger than me. It looked like a suitcase and it was green and sat on our bureau. It was the greatest gift ever!!!! I remember being excited to open the flat square undeniably awesome records too! I remember my quizzical reaction when I opened the two albums. Connie Francis and Herb Alpert's Tijauna Brass WHIPPED CREAM!!!!???? REALLY???!!! Well, it wasn't long before I saved my weekly babysitting money, pay my room and board and take the rest to buy 45's. Eventually I saved enough to buy a couple of albums somewhere in the middle of Andy Williams and the Beatles. Yup, my parents and I compromised, and Tommy Roe became my heart throb and I snuck in The Doors a few months later. You just have to laugh! Did you?~Donna
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I remember at the age of 15 buying my first record ... ABBA (Dancing Queen). Shock horror ... my parents were exactly like yours!!! Up until then ... we had survived on "The Seekers" and "Nana Miskouri". Mum & Dad also had Andy Williams & Pat Boone. So ... in answer to your question ... yes ... I did laugh! Hugs xx

Shelia said...

Oh Donna, I was 11 years old in 1962 when Tommy Roe came out with his first big hit that helped him get started. Can you tell me the name of that song. *wink*