Thanksgiving Blessings

As Turkey Day approaches we often reflect on celebrations of years ago especially as we grow older ourselves. We remember those who have gone and watch as new generations play the afternoon football game while we sit back and observe! I just wish all of you a wonderful memory of this year's feast to last in your hearts. Take a minute to listen to the little one's Thanksgiving message, between their running and hollering. Here is an anecdote that will be forgotten unless written down so, I am writing here.

My 4 year old grand daughter colored a picture in school today of a Pilgrim and Native American Indian sharing a feast in Plymouth, MA! She proudly ran to her older brother's side as he returned from school shouting, "Colin look what I made you at school, it is a picture of the United American sharing a feast with a Plymouth!"

Alright a lesson in her Pilgrim heritage is in order, but I could not resist sharing her innocent confusion! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Sweet ~ Hope you had a great Thanksgiving ~ and enjoy the weekend visiting from a New England Blogger ~ My blogs are A Creative Harbor(just added it to the list) and Share the Creative Journey ~ Love to have you visit ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

How adorable! These moments are so special! It is a fab idea to write these things down! We have a few for each of the kids! Hugs xx