Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams


The crushed stones crunched beneath the shoes of all who walked up the long driveway to the portico. It was a prelude to the excitement that awaited just inside the massive doorway. As each lady was greeted her gloves and wrap were taken. In her hand a glass of bubbly took it's place as she glided effortlessly on the arm of her beloved into the ballroom. The room was ablaze in beautiful sequins and colors of the day, dotted with men in black tuxedos and white shirts and bow ties. The music gaily kept the beat of fox trots, waltzes and jitterbugs! The party had begun and a long night of work was ahead for my father in law.

The Big Band Era was romantic and beautifully adorned even if times were tough. The economy was poor much like it is today. And not too many years after the depression people began to party once more and dress up and have fun. For those who still struggled it meant more work and more money for times when they could be home enjoying their own families.

My father in law was a stand up bass player and you can see him here in this photo. I still think of his hands when I think of him because they were beautiful. Long slender fingers always nimble, would tap out a melody at the kitchen table as he talked of things unrelated to music. It was always a familiar vision and I miss it. He has been gone now for 15 years this past Thanksgiving, and although he is one who does not come to my mind quite as often as my own mother and dear mother in law he has been on my heart this month. Perhaps he has been tapping a song for my heart. It would be so sweet to have a sparring match over politics with him again. Teeeheee how things have changed! I think I will choose instead to think of him keeping the beat for the band to play on, while I dance in my mind to the theme song that closed their local TV show each day, Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams! Enjoy the party!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Honey for the nice blog on my Dad, it brought tears to my eyes, good tears. It was 15 years ago yesterday that we buried him.
I have found myself thinking of him alot lately, must just be the time of year. Thanks Babe !!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

What special memories, Donna! I am glad you shared them with us! It sounds like your f-i-l was a very special person. Do you know ... one of my fantasy dreams is to open a "supper club" ... just like in the movies. Big Band ... dancing ... beautifully decorated tables ... fine coffees & gorgeous desserts! I think I would have liked you F-I-L! My daughter had a jazz band at her wedding (just 4 guys) ... but it was the funnest wedding I have ever been to. The guests LOVED dancing to all those old time tunes! The father/daughter dance was very special! Hugs xxx