Red barn board and wooden silo bring the structure into harmony with it's surroundings. Oaks and gardens have bent low and look like sad souls. Waiting. A country road with farmland and swamp has transformed into a strangled mess at 6:00 from too many vehicles rushing home. The narrow two lane road is clogged from sets of traffic signals and another blinks in yellow. Just waiting to herald what is to come.

Wooden floors are silenced now, and the scent of potpourri has dissipated. A year, two, three has marked the beginning of the end. The FOR SALE sign has faded and whispers are in the air.PROGRESS! The town that the founding father's Keith, Howard, Hayward, Packard, and Edson new is vanishing. PROGRESS! Widened roads that can no longer be crossed in safety.

His eight year old voice says from the back seat, "remember the farm we went to. You know the one we were sad at because they were closing it?" and I thought a moment and said "You mean Dempsey's Village Barn?" and he said "Yaaaah that's it, where is that farm" and I proceeded to make the turn, and drive out of my way to show him. He chatted and we came upon the familiar structure. I told him the fate of what was to become of the "Barn".

"Excuse me Nunnie he said, what is wrong with those people. Don't we have enough McDonald's already? That is a really dumb thing to do. They should not tear down the Barn and put a parking lot and junk food." Then with deep exasperation and loud exhale I hear....."What are the people who live next door gonna do? Look out their window and see just another lamp pole with a seagull on it? Not very pretty"
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Sam Cox said...

Hi Donna,
I didn't realize Dempsey's was going away. I agree, with your grandson I guess, that is a real shame. Progress isn't always what it is cracked up to be is it? Have a great vacation.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Progress! Our 100 acres & the surrounding 11 farms are about to be eaten up by progress! There is nothing we can do about it. Once the zoning changes from rural to residential ... land rates skyrocket ... and you are rated off your land. So ... we go with the flow ... because we have no option! In about 6bmths the 1st ground will be turned and the 'progess' will begin! We will be financially blessed ... but we are sad! Hugs xxx