Christmas Angel

We sat by the window so we could watch the hustle and bustle that erupted around the center green. I could still imagine what it would sound like to hear sleigh bells ringing from the harnesses of horses as they pulled their wagons around the streets, but instead the granite water trough was filled with greenery, it's real purpose long outdated. I caught a glimpse of a worn figure, frail and Dickens like as she approached the door. Her black coat and brimmed hat were tattered, and almost engulfed her tiny stature now hunched and withered. She sat at a booth next to ours and removed her gloves. She kept her coat and hat on for warmth, and smiled as she looked our way. "What will you have today sweetheart?" asked the waitress pen ready, and pad in hand. In the sweetest, small, high voice the lady asked, "Well, what are your specials toady dear?" The waitress began to name them, " fried chicken basket, meatloaf dinner, baked haddock..." "oh I love fish, " and then in a whisper she asked "how much is the haddock?" "It is $9.99 replied the waitress "and with a smile still on her face the woman sat back against her seat and sighed, "ohhhhhh, then I would like a cup of chowder and a glass of water, please" as the waitress turned away to place the order I motioned for the waitress to order the baked haddock for the lady.

When the meal arrived at the table it looked even too big for me to eat! The amazement and wonder on the little woman's face was a site to behold. As she raised her tiny hands under her chin she looked like a small child who had just opened their most desired Christmas present on Christmas morning. She squealed in delight and asked quizzically "is this for me?" The waitress nodded yes and then gestured towards us, and proceeded to bring a brown paper bag to the table too. "This is chowder for you to take home, we have made too much today and we don't want to throw it away, will you take it? " and the small little voice chirped "oh my yes, and it isn't even my birthday! Thank you!"
All the patrons looked at one another, three young adults in one booth from the local college, a gruff man at the counter, and my husband and I. Not one of us had a dry eye. We all took note of the moment , for it was a gift of humble joy. We had witnessed something remarkable and tender and we knew it would be with us for the entire season. Thank you little lady for sprinkling the glitter of Christmas in all of our hearts! You are "our" Christmas Angel this year!
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