I was a girl of 17 sitting in my history class along side the windows, dreaming of a life and a future that I could not imagine. I never spoke in class, I was shy and would not join in. I sat quietly watching, watching everyone else flirt and cavort before class began. Secretly I loved it, when the boy behind me would cheat off my paper. I hoped in my daydream that maybe one day he would ask me out! Our lives were very different. I was the oldest of five children, with many expectations put upon me. He was the youngest of two, carefree and fun! He opened doors of worlds that were strange to me, and all too exciting! That is how it began.

Oh, to be 17 again. Can that memory still be lingering? All the years of time, and stress, and happiness, are marked on the faces of people as they age, yet the memory can remain as it once was, PROTECTED and PRISTINE! In our memories we can go back to that place where we were young, and we can cavort and flirt with free abandon. Maybe it is a gift to be opened every once and awhile, to hold onto and treasure as we move through the task of aging. For our hearts never age...... for it is in our hearts that we remain forever young.

A little daydream that comes to an end all too abruptly. I pick up the routine, just as it had been a few moments before, when I left to take a journey back. (WINK)
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh ... what sweet reminiscing! Do you ever wonder what happened to that boy that sat behind you? Thanks for sharing this amazing moment! Hugs xxx