FLASH...a moment shared with one you lost


the simple tasks of day to day life, click like keys "rat a tat tat" on the keyboard,

steadily keeping time and motion.

One swirl through the door, ...across the floor, ...shuffle, ...stamp,... sway,

one arm loads the washer, while the eyes spy.

Swipe the cloth, wet the sponge, check a face in the mirror.


Your mind floats to another time, another place, and other soul.

Years have passed, and days have passed since you thought of those lost.

But in an instant, in the middle of the simple tasks of the day,

you are once again, crushed.

Reaching for the door frame you steady yourself as you let your mind take you to that place.

The place that only you can feel.

That place where only you see the colors swirling, making your head bulge,

pounding blood rushing to your memory.

Salt runs in liquid down your face and makes a pool on your chest,

you let go and remember.

You let go, you feel the moment.

You let go......and become genuine.

Alone... you have opened the door to see the soul lost.

FLASH..... you rest.
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Lisa said...

I love this...and had a moment shared because of it. Thank you!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well ... now ... thanks for nuffin! I didn't need that memory that stirred because of your post! But ... you are so right ... memories do stir when you least expect them to! I hope you are okay!? Hugs xxx