A new year always finds me hopeful and full of life with an urgent need to organize. The list in my head goes like this. Wash Walls, Add comforters, Clean Closets, Wash Windows. There is nothing like winter sunlight to demand CLEAN WINDOWS! Repaint, organize tax "stuff", pick new color folders, dust, dust, dust, diet, clean office, iron socks! Yes one year I actually ironed all Steve's socks. I think I was most organized that year. Lastly pick a New Year Resolution.

It is a perfect begining, a fresh start, sparkling and clean. All the remanants from the past year have been put away. (NOT)

My Christmas tree is still standing, never dressed to begin with. Thank goodness for artificial and already lit! At least the neighbors THOUGHT it was decorated when they saw the lights each evening. My folders are still overflowing from 2011, and nothing LOOKS new in the file cabinet. The closets need attention, the windows (some) got washed, I am pondering a paint color, why wash the walls when I can paint! Tax stuff is a demon, dieting is it's cousin, and dusting well that will come again in an hour so why bother.

I now realize, that is why I moved so often. To start fresh and clean! Well, that is not happening this year so as I sit at my desk and see the light bulb that needs changing, a doodle sketch for a card needs creating, and mail that needs tracking, and the travel plans that need completing, and the minutes ticking, and the days passing I realize it is January 3rd and I need to get motivated. My resolution, which by the way I have always kept, has not been made. But perhaps this year I will resolve to take one hour each day to do the mundane so that the mundane will not over run my life into overwhelming mountains of things to do.

Now where is that dust cloth........
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Lisa said...

This is one of my favorite Backyard posts...I love your writing!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So ... how is that new year resolution is going? Giggle! You are so brave to publish it to the world ... because your faithful blog friends will keep you accountable!!! Giggle! Did you know that even just 15 mins of tidying up ... can make the hugest difference! And ... then ... you get yourself some daughters who 'work off their board' by doing some of the housework ... and voilĂ  ... more time for stamping! The only problem is 1 is already married ... what will I do when the other 2 are gone??? (rolling eyes!) Hugs xxx